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At the San Antonio meeting it was decided to revisit the older SOA Ontology work. Subsequently, the older Project Scope Statement was revised and agreed as follows (2012 February Candidate):

Work in progress

Discussion document which captures initial ideas for the development of the SOA Ontology, developed by Ontology WG is shown next

Information provided by Infoway to serve as a way of testing and applying the approach discussed

Information provided by Anil Lutra using two different discriminator examples.

Service Ontology Requirements also identified as part of Healthcare and Community Services Provider Directory (HCSPD) project.
(see slides 20 and 21 of the April 23, 2012 Presentation)

The following is a Developer Use Case (supplied by Keiser Permanente)

The following is a scenario (supplied by DCA, Australia) of the use of Services Provider directory and
NEHTA ELS 1.3 specification

Updated discussion document, discussing the architecture lifecycle for service ontology modelling

Revised discussion document - including linkages to Service Directory and ELS

Further updates of the discussion document with suggestions for service semantics representation

The discussion paper on service semantics (draft) - input to Phoenix WG

The comment for ballot being prepared for Atlanta WG


Vancouver May 15 Presentation

Phoenix, January 15 Presentation

SOA All Hands Presentation (February 18)


Stay tuned - much more to come :-)

Relevant Links

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Call Details:

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